Course Overview

Course Introduction

Welcome to the DIY Designer Online Course! 

The aim of this course is to assist you in achieving beautiful interior and exterior design for your new home.   We will also provide you with a skill that you can take away with you and use time and time again – no matter what the project –building, renovating or simply re-decorating. It’s about giving you the confidence to use your in-built sense of design – even if you don’t believe you have one, we’ll find it! 


Module 1 - Colour

Colour, How it Works and What it Can Do in My Home

Module One is all about colour and of the twelve on-line modules, is one of the most important. 

DIY Designer will help you gain a greater understanding of the awesome power of colour and how you can harness it to get the absolute best results for your project!

The course will teach you how to use colour to change the visual shape, size, temperature and mood of the rooms.

The colour wheel in your DIY Designer kit is a great tool that will be using throughout the Course.   

We also teach you some great techniques for trying out colours in your home, without even opening a tin of paint!  You do however, get to practice your colouring in skills!


Module 2 - Speed Designing

Speed Designing – 7 Styles Where I Play Designer!

This module is a lot of fun.

It’s also where you get to play interior designer.  In DIY Designer’s Speed Designing section, we give you seven colour schemes to choose from and ask you to complete 3.   Each scheme has its own Virtual Finishes Board that you will need to apply your samples to.  All great practice for the most important project of all – yours!

Why do we get you to design for other people?  Well, to give you an insight into several different styles and also to prepare you for building your own finishes board.

It also takes you right out of your comfort zone, and when it comes to design, that’s a really great thing!

There will be a short self-assessment before you move onto Module Three. 

Have fun and don’t forget, you can catch us on line if you need some help or would just like to chat about design!



Module 3 - My Colour Scheme


Getting Started on My Colour Scheme

This is where your home or project really starts to get underway! 

In Module Three DIY Designer will teach you how to select exterior and interior materials, colours and finishes for your project.  

We will also teach you how to blend the two schemes together, to create the start of a beautiful home.

Armed with your new knowledge of how colour works, and now that you’ve completed the Speed Designing, you should have a deeper knowledge of how to put different schemes together. 

 And who knows – you may even want to use some of your ideas from Module 2!

The visual samples of those selections will eventually be added to your Virtual Finishes Board and your Schedule of Finishes, but more about those in a later module.

Before heading to Module Four, you will need to complete the major aspects of this section.

 And remember, your DIY Designer tutor is available on our daily chat session!


Module 4 - Tiles


Designing My Tile Layouts

In this section DIY Designer will teach you how to get the very best out of your tiling and show you some clever ways of making your areas look even larger, just by the way you arrange your tiles!

To help you make your tile selections easier, we also give you some great tips for when the time comes to buy your tiles.

Once you’ve completed Module Four, you will then be able to move onto Module Five, but not before a short recap of your project to this stage.

As you move through this module, it would be a good idea to save some images from our Tiling Suppliers' Pages to your relevant files.   This way when the time comes to include them into your Finishes Board and Schedule, you have a selection to choose from.  

And if you would like some assistance, join us on line for our daily live chat session.


Module 5 - Cabinets


Designing My Kitchen, Bathrooms & Laundry Cabinets

Module Five focuses on creating your kitchen, laundry and bathrooms.

Here we look at some practical layouts, styles and designs and how you can use them in your project.

Then combining the tiles you selected in Module Four with bench top and cabinet materials,
DIY Designer will help you bring them together to create these very important areas of your home.

There’s a world of ideas and products waiting for you to access and use in your project too.  Our easy to follow links through to manufacturers will help you find a huge range of products to select from for your project.   

After completing the short assessment at the end of this module you are then ready to proceed to the next level.


Module 6 - Sanitary Ware


Selecting My Bath Ware, Tap Ware & Accessories

Now that your kitchen, laundry and bathrooms are almost complete, Module Six is where you’ll start to make decisions about basins & bath ware, tap ware and Accessories.

In this module, DIY Designer will guide through the decision making process, to help you coordinate the accessories which will finish off your bathrooms.

Take your time with your selections, and if you like a few different styles, save them to your folders and then narrow the field down before making your final decision.

Your DIY Designer tutor be available on-line if you have any questions.


Module 7 - Flooring


Flooring and Selecting the Best Product for My Project

Your finishes and colours are now starting to really come together.

In Module Seven it’s time to look at the features of the different types of flooring materials and how they can work within your project.

Choosing flooring materials is often one of the most challenging aspects of interior design, and DIY Designer will guide you through this process, while teaching you about the many different flooring materials available.

From the richness of a timber floor, or even floating floors to the convenience of tiles and the warmth of carpet, we’ll help you find the right product and work it into your scheme.

And remember, your DIY Designer tutor is there to give you assistance on-line.


Module 8 - Schedules & Finishes Boards


Building My Virtual Finishes Board / Filling in My Schedule of Finishes

Building your Virtual Finishes Board is the most exciting part of the course, and In Module Eight, we teach you how to create your own Board step by step. The finishes board is a visual display of your home’s scheme, materials, fabrics, furniture and other selections. 

On the Course Modules Home Page, there are folders for you to download.  It is into each of these folders that you will save the relevant images from our Suppliers and Manufacturers websites.  Remember that it's okay to save as many images for each area as you wish - it's all about working through your choices until you finalize your decisions!

The Schedule of Finishes is one of the most important items you’ll have during your project as it contains a detailed list of everything you have chosen for your home – inside and out.

It’s the document you will hand to your builder, or if you’re at quoting stage, hand to several builders or contractors for obtaining quotes.

Once you’ve started making firm decisions about your selections, it’s a good idea to start documenting them in the Schedule and on your Virtual Finishes Board.

And remember with both of these items, it’s okay to change your mind as often as you need to until you’re absolutely sure of your decisions.


Module 9 - Lighting & Electrical


Designing My Lighting & Electrical

Planning the lighting and electrical layouts for your home can be one of the most challenging parts of design, and often one that is given very little thought.

As with colour, the correct lighting can create a fabulous atmosphere in your home and garden.

In this module DIY Designer will teach you how to create a great lighting scheme for all seasons, and how to plan your electrical layout.

We also take a look at the latest in kitchen appliances and the features and benefits of each.

And don’t forget if you would like some help with your project, your DIY Designer tutor is available on-line Monday to Friday 


Module 10 - Furniture


A World of Furniture Styles
Selecting & Arranging the Furniture for My Home

In the first part of Module Ten, we take a look at the many styles of furniture throughout history.

The second part of the module is designed to help you learn how to make the best choices in furniture for your home.

DIY Designer will teach you not only what to look for, but also how to arrange your furnishings in the most flattering and convenient way for your home and your lifestyle.
 You will also be able to place your selections onto your Virtual Finishes Board to see the complete look!


Module 11 - Windows & Doors


Windows & Doors
Fabrics that will suit My Home
Designing the Window Treatments for My Home

With such a vast array of window furnishings available on the market, it can often be a confusing task deciding upon which type of treatment you want.  Let alone selecting the fabrics!

In Module Eleven, DIY Designer teaches you about the different styles of window, how to dress them and more importantly how to choose the right window treatments for your home!

We will also teach you about the best type of fabrics for your window treatments.

Putting your styles and fabric samples on your Virtual Finishes Board really helps complete to picture of your home!

And remember that your DIY Designer tutor is available on-line to give you the advice you need!


Module 12 - Completing Your Home


Creating the Total Look with Accessories
Completing the Schedule and My Virtual Finishes Board

Module Twelve means that  you’re nearly there!

Just before you finish, DIY Designer will teach you some really clever ways of combining your colour scheme, furniture and accessories together to create the total look.   These too can be locked into your Finishes Board so at a glance you can see just how beautiful your home will be.

Once you’ve accessorized your home, your project selections are done and it’s time to make sure that you’ve completed your Schedule and locked your images onto your Virtual Finishes Board.

And don’t forget, your DIY Designer tutor is there on line to give you any last minute advice!