"Prior to meeting Jill and taking her ‘DIY Designer’ course we were totally lost when it came to choosing all the fixtures and fittings for the new house we were building. Not only did we learn about colour, its usage and design styles but Jill provided a great deal of high level, one-on-one coaching related to our project. Thanks to Jill we were confident in moving forward and in making the right design decisions that lead to the beautiful house we created. Our friends and family all comment about how beautiful the house is and this is largely due to the design choices we were able to make as a result of taking the DIY designer course. I would highly recommend it to anyone from the beginner, who needs a lot of help, to the expert who wants to double check their work. We were also able to buy our tiles almost 30% cheaper than the quotes we had received due to Jill’s introduction to the supplier. I highly recommend the ‘DIY Designer’ course and Jill’s coaching, contacts and advice."

Daniel Bonney