What is DIY Designer?




DIY DesignerWorkshops have been developed by interior designer Jill Rogers to help anyone faced with the challenges of building or renovating make decisions with ease and confidence.

So whether you’re about to renovate your home, thinking of building a new home or selling your existing property and need some help to bring it all together, DIY Designer has a Workshop for you!

As we’re all aware building, renovating and even selling a home are all major events that can often prove stressful and sometimes costly -  DIY Designer is both fun and cost effective.

The difference with DIY Designer Workshops is that your home becomes your Workshop project – and the skills you learn here can be applied to project after project.

DIY Designer Workshops are tailored to ease the challenges you face when taking on any of these tasks in either “hands-on” Workshop sessions, or “self-paced, online Workshops”.

Working with Jill and her team, you will be guided through the myriad of colours and finishes available, and taught how to apply them to your project, along with the basic principles of design.

And the end result?  A stunning outcome for your project! 


Who is DIY suitable for

Apart from all of the skills you will gain from enrolling in a DIY Designer Workshop, anyone taking on the projects below will find this the smartest, most cost effective and fun way of designing their project.

Building a New Home

Your builder will love you for this!
All decisions are made and you can hand your builder (or even several builders if you’re at quoting stage) your completed Schedule of Finishes.  In fact, many builders send their clients to us!

Renovating a Home/Property

Making old and new work together or creating a seamless blend between the two can sometimes be tricky!  DIY Designer offers an expert eye to help you through the maze of choices, and can give you some great ideas for your renovation!


Even if you’re plan is long term, DIY Designer can help you come up with a scheme that can work with your time constraints.  If a scheme is done well, it can still look fabulous even if it takes you years to complete it.  It’s all in the planning!

Just painting and need a new Colour Scheme

This may be prior to selling your property or just because your home is looking tired.  We will give you great tips on creating the "WOW" factor for potential buyers too!

If you're looking for advice on how to "style" your home for sale, just let us know and we'll give you a hand!


Although DIY Designer has been developed for anyone renovating, building or redecorating (or thinking about it) we’ve also had many people join us who simply have a love of design and colour.

If you are joining us for the Hands-On Workshop and already have your property, please bring your floor plans and elevations with you for Day One.

If it’s DIY Designer Online you’re booking into, a scanned copy of your plans and elevations should be on hand for us to help you with your project. 

What can i expect?


Whether taking part in DIY Designer's Online or Hands On Workshop, it is our aim that by the end of the Workshop you will have -

• A professionally designed home
• Design skills to use on future projects
• A sound sense of design
• Colour and design confidence
• Design industry contacts
• Peace of mind about your project
• Avoided making costly mistake
• A completed interior and exterior scheme


Many of the reality design shows demonstrate a nice end result without actually explaining the complex principles behind those designs and people often make costly mistakes by following the ideas they’ve seen on those projects and in some magazines. 

Why does this happen?

Because they’re designed around a blank canvas, and that same design could look totally different in your home as it does in the photo.

So many elements come into play here – position of the home/room, geographical location, your windows may be larger/smaller than in the magazine, as may your ceilings, the season and even time of day when photography was done, lifestyle and type of lighting. 

A bright orange living room wall may look fabulous in the project room shown on television, but may not work as well work in your west facing bedroom.

DIY Designer Workshops are designed in such a way that the same looks can be applied to your project, taking into consideration such things as the aspect of your home, natural lighting, architecture of the rooms and existing elements.  That look then becomes individual to your home.

During the Workshop, you will apply the principles you have learned to your current project – be it a renovation, new home or a simple spruce up of an investment property.

DIY Designer constantly keeps up to date with the latest looks & trends, and incorporate those trends into the information we impart, while keeping in mind that trends do come and go, and timeless design is always in fashion!

At the end of the Workshop, you will also have completed either a virtual Finishes Board or a tactile Finishes Board, and a comprehensive Schedule of Finishes that can be used for quoting or handing straight to your builder.

Book your place today in either our Hands-On Workshop or DIY Designer’s Online Workshop – you’ll be very glad you did!

What is included


DIY Designer Kit containing:

• DIY Designer Binder
• Weekly design notes
• Schedule of Finishes
• Your Colour Wheel
• Latest range of colours
• Colorbond Colour Chips
• VIP Discount Card exclusive to DIY Designer members
• Comprehensive range of samples to get your project started
• Interior Designer on hand during all sessions working with you on your project
• Lunch is also provided

**The Brisbane Hands-On Workshop is held at the
DIY Designer Studio,
Suite 2, 7 Camford Square
Cnr Kilroe & Camford Streets
Milton    Qld    4064



• Online tutorials x 12 Modules
• Access to Suppliers and Product
• Virtual customized Finishes Board
• Comprehensive Schedule of Finishes


Your DIY Designer Kit is mailed to you and contains:

• Your Colour Wheel
• Comprehensive range of samples to get your project started
• Colorbond Colour Chips
• VIP Discount Card exclusive to DIY Designer members Latest range of colours
• Daily Interior Design advice and tutorial sessions to assist you with your project